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Chinese in Aranjuez

Lessons aligned to the official Chinese exam levels YCT 1 – YCT 4 and HSK 1 – HSK 6.

Private lesson specialisations as required.

Levels from YCT 1 – YCT 4 equivalent to Common European Framework A1 – B1.

Levels from HSK 1 – HSK 6 equivalent to Common European Framework A1 – C2.

Beginners to Advanced, Business, Academic and Beyond.

Preparation for official Chinese exams

YCT 1 – YCT 4 for young learners 

  HSK 1 – HSK 6 for teenagers and adults

Practise all elements of official Chinese exams while building your real-world communication skills. Relate your new language ability to Chinese culture and learn Chinese character writing. Open your eyes to a new and very different world.

Chinese Levels


YCT 1 - YCT 4 young learners

Songs, games, role playing and various dynamic ways of exploring a brand new language system. Take your first steps towards becoming a citizen of the world in level 1. Levels 2-4 build on your skills. You will be holding conversations and writing simple sentences.

HSK 1 and HSK 2 (A1 - A2)

With the help of the Pinyin phonics system, beginners learn core vocabulary to enable daily conversation type interchanges. Confidence is built and speaking and writing skills develop.

HSK 3 and HSK 4 (B1 - B2)

Lear to use broader Chinese language skills. Approach professional and academic topics. At this level you can fluently communicate with native Chinese speakers. You can travel or live independently in Chinese speaking countries.

HSK 5 and HSK 6 (C1 - C2)

Work in China, read Chinese newspapers, enjoy Chinese movies, give speeches in Chinese, publish papers in Chinese or teach Chinese as a second language. There are many possibilities. The world has opened another door for your future.

Ad hoc Chinese Classes

Occasional group or individual classes to enhance skills in specific areas such as résumé and curriculum vitae (CV) writing, applications to academic institutions,  job applications, presentation skills, interview skills, thesis writing, referencing, working and studying in Chinese speaking countries and preparation for travel to Chinese speaking countries …

Class Structure

Monthly Groups

Groups offer the most popular and economic form of learning. Group sizes are nominally limited to 10 * students and provide a stimulating and interesting learning experience.

Monthly Individual Classes

These are ideal when specific learning targets are involved such as specialised Chinese or if there is a need for outcomes within a limited of fixed timeframe

Ad hoc lessons

One two or a few lessons for a particular or specialised  purpose. Interviews, CV polishing, presentations, travelling, academic publications etc.

Hours per Week

Normal learning time for group classes is 2 one-hour periods per week on different days.

Individual classes can be arranged for one or two hours per week or more if required.

One hour attendance in group lessons is also possible while group space is available. It should be noted however that such attendance will limit the student’s access to learning material.

*During exceptional circumstances such as heavy recruitment periods, such limits may be temporarily breached until new groups are established.


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