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You can feel safe and comfortable learning English and Chinese at World Idiomas

At World Idiomas we have:

new socially distanced seating – individual, spaced study chairs with writing boards,

installed new Xiaomi 3H HEPA air filtration in all rooms – these will augment the air quality benefits of the existing classroom ionisers and humidifiers,

upgraded our waste bins – foot operated with lids to prevent cross contamination,

commenced cleaning with industrial grade cleaning products.

We also expect everyone to clean their hands on entry with our supplied sanitising gel.

And we no longer supply pens and pencils to avoid sharing – bring your own writing equipment.

Finally, remember if you are unwell and potentially contagious (colds, flu …) – stay away – we will endeavour to make up your lessons another time. Don’t spread the lurgy!

TIMETABLES 2020/2021

The provisional English and Chinese schedules are shown below.

The timetables shows the description of the group, the designation from the European framework and, for  children’s lessons, the approximate ideal age range.

If you are confused, please email, call or visit,

English and Chinese Aranjuez
clases chino Aranjuez

Rules and expectations for our Covid 19 world


Maximum 6 students in classroom 1 and 8 students in classrooms 2 and 3 (this may be adjusted according to government regulations).

To allow the necessary preparation of the room and the safe movement of people:

  • Group lessons start 5 minutes after the hour and end 5 minutes before the hour.

  • Private lessons start 5 minutes after the hour and end on the hour.

Please be on time.


We are providing a face shield for all students who register in September.

Masks are also required and we expect that all people entering the academy will sanitise their hands.

We are no longer able to supply or share pens and pencils, so please bring your own.

If necessary, bring a small bottle of water (and only water) for personal consumption.

Lastly, try to limit the use of our shared bathrooms. Come prepared for your learning experience.

Don’t forget we also use state of the art HEPA air purifiers to enhance everyone’s safety.


Any questions or feedback?

World Idiomas

Calle Infantas 63

28300 Aranjuez, Madrid